Sounds of Saturday- CVLF, Banana Clip, R∆W-B, Hummingbird Wulf

South Aussie Hip-Hop producer indoctrinates us authentically with a snappy and straightforward vocal sample and some of the mellowest sounds that pay off from the get go.

Germany musicians Anthony Herrera and Steven Moran combine elements of  Dream Pop, blue and indie with a lo-fi production style that just captivates raw expression in their latest EP Tall Boys.

From Brampton, Canada is an underground hip-hop artist that is the desired and epitome of the sound and vocal delivery that can  leave you astonished at it’s vibrant authenticity.

Enchanted musical duo Alicia & Will personify the creation of this creative Dream-Folk act into manufacturing a powerful set of tracks much like this which cause you get to lost into the compassionate soundscape and ringing melodies.

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